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Terms and Conditions

To add an additional driver, a fee of 500 AED per rental period is charged. An international license costs $200 or 700 AED.

Delivery and pickup are available throughout Dubai. In case of an accident, a police report is required.

All cars are insured, with customers bearing a deductible for small, medium, and luxury vehicles. Insurance does not cover minor damages such as scratches or fractures.

If no accident report is filed, the driver’s details are not listed in the rental agreement, or alcohol is involved, the customer is fully responsible.

Only the person listed in the rental agreement is authorized to drive the car (subject to penalties and fines).

Required documents for tourists: A copy of the passport and a foreign driver’s license.

For residents: A copy of the residence permit, passport, and driver’s license.

Customers are entitled to 250 km per day and 5000 km per month.

Refundable insurance: 2000 AED for small cars, 3000 AED for medium and SUVs, and 5000 AED for luxury cars.

Insurance is refunded after 21 working days.

Additional km cost: 5 AED for small cars, 10 AED for medium/SUVs, and 25 AED for VIP/luxury cars. For extensions, notify the company 72 hours before the due date to avoid re-booking by another customer.

A 5 AED fee is deducted per toll gate. Early return of the rented car is considered full fulfillment of the contract with no refunds.